Our Propane department offers Keep Full and Will Call services.  We offer Prompt Pay Discounts, Pre-buy, Lock-in, & Budget programs.  See the descriptions below or contact our office for more information.

Customers paying in a timely fashion will receive a discount on their bill if paid within 10 days.

Use these programs to maintain consistent propane pricing throughout the heating season.

Your monthly payment amount will be estimated according to your prior usage.  This amount will be due in the office by the 20th of each month unless you make special arrangements with the office staff.  If your payments become 2 months behind, you will be removed from the budget plan and will also be removed from any keep full program you may be on.

For your convenience, all of our customers with credit terms or a credit card on file may be put on an automatic fill (Keep Full) plan.  We will keep your tank full with scheduled deliveries based on your usage.  You will not have to worry about running out on a cold winter night or over the weekend.  As always, our credit terms are 30 days or before you need propane again whichever comes first.  Any account that is in arrears will be removed from Keep Full and it will be your responsibility to contact us about payment and account status.

If you would rather, you may keep track of your own propane tank level and call to schedule your own delivery.  You must understand how to read your tank gauge!!  This is very important!!  When your gauge gets down between 20% – 30% you need to call to get a delivery.

Minimum deliveries do apply.  If you let your tank run, out there are many other charges you may incur.

NOTE:   It is your responsibility to NOT LET YOUR TANK RUN OUT!!

New customers will receive free pressure test of your system for leaks, free regulators & up to 25 foot outside gas line trenched in.  We use state of the art plastic piping on new installs for a safer and cleaner installation.