We offer heating oil deliveries either on an automatic (Keep Full) or a customer call (Will Call) basis.  Minimum delivery is 150 gallons for the prompt pay discount. If you do not have credit terms with us, you must provide us with payment before or at the time of your delivery.

KEEP FULL:  With approved credit terms or a credit card on file, we will keep your tank full based on your previous usage.  *Should a change in your usage occur, it is very important that you let us know.  Example: Stopped other heat source such as wood, heat turned down or up for any length of time, etc.  Your balance must be paid in full in 30 days, or before you need oil again, whichever comes first.  If your payments are late you will be removed from keep full and it will become your responsibility to watch your tank to prevent running out of oil.

WILL CALL:   It will be your responsibility to monitor your tank and call for a delivery before you run out, preferably at ¼ reading on your gauge.  That gives us the opportunity to get you in our delivery schedule to get you oil so you don’t run out.  If you let your tank run out, may incur extra charges.

Our Diesel Fuel is available in 3 grades in both dyed (off-road) & clear (on-road).

  • #2 Diesel (approx. 42 cetane),
  • #2 Premium Diesel (approx. 45 cetane)
  • Premier Diesel (approx. 50 cetane)

We deliver to both farm and commercial locations for both on-road & off-road use.

We offer gasoline, both with & without Ethanol, for delivery to your bulk tank.  Minimum quantities apply.

Payment Options

  • CASH – paid in our office in Bancroft (preferred), at our convenience store in Durand, or to the driver at time of delivery.

  • CHECK – same as cash, or you may pay through your bank online.  See payment tab for more information.

  • CREDIT CARD – if paying with credit card you must come to our Bancroft office, call our office on the phone or do an online payment. See payment tab for more information.

Prompt Pay Discount

  • Prompt pay discount is on all deliveries for minimum amounts or more.  The payment is required to be in our office by the 10 day limit!